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Commercial Northwest Property Management


Commercial Northwest offers a full compliment of management services founded on ethical principles and exacting attention to detail. We place the same high performance standards on our vendors as well, affording our clients' properties quick response time and low overall costs. Steps are taken at every opportunity to improve the performance of the properties we manage thereby generating economic gain for our clients. Commercial Northwest Property Management produces results you can see. Our clients can expect superior financial performance, improved property value and careful liability control.


Financial Reporting
We operate a trust accounting system for which revenues are collected and bills are paid. We maintain separate bank accounts for each client to assure that no co-mingling of funds ever occurs. Detailed financial reports are prepared and delivered promptly by the 20th of each month. We can also supply on-demand reports. You'll know the exact balance of your account at any time. A detailed budget forecast and the use of professional property management software allows for greater control of expenditures. 


Service Subcontractors & Vendor Discounts
We have access to numerous service providers which allows us to negotiate the best work at the best price. All outside services are supervised to insure the job is completed correctly and within budget before dispensing payment. As property managers of numerous sites, we've negotiated preferential vendor discounts, which are passed along to our clients. 


Physical Supervision
All physical aspects of the property are closely managed. We respond to emergencies and troubleshoot common repair and maintenance problems 24 hours a day including holidays. Our high quality, dependable on-site managers receive training and round-the-clock support. Properties are continually inspected and regular maintenance services, such as common area upkeep, are rigorously monitored.


Due Diligence and Inspection Services
We assist clients in the evaluation and feasibility of real estate investment opportunities. Our due diligence and inspection services include on-site books and records analysis, physical inspections, market studies, proforma budget projections and more.


Compliance and Risk Management
Maintaining accurate tenant records is of critical importance, both from an internal operations standpoint and for liability reasons. We maintain a variety of reports and forms that insure compliance with housing and property management laws and all legal requirements. This includes LIHTC (Section 42) and Project Based Section 8 subsidized properties as well. Our team has received multiple "Excellent" ratings in HUD audits. We ensure that your property is in constant compliance. Multiple members of our team have received the Assisted Housing Manager (AHM) designation which demonstrates their proficiency in management of HUD Subsidized Multifamily Housing properties as well as understanding of Fair Housing Laws and compliance.


Professional Management
The expertise of our property managers is our biggest asset. With extensive backgrounds in residential, multi-family and commercial properties, these dedicated professionals are smart problem solvers skilled in operations and resident management. Whether large or small, each property receives the highest level of service and attention. 


Screening and Collections
Potential occupants are thoroughly screened including credit, criminal, and sexual offender background checks at a minimal cost to the applicant. Careful screening results in lower turnover and more reliable rent collection. Delinquent accounts are addressed quickly and directly. Unpaid balances are ardently pursued until full restitution is claimed on your behalf. 


Quick Turnover
Our normal turnover time is three days or less. Our management system allows for quick and efficient tenant turnover which translates into fewer vacancy days, reduced expenses and higher owner profit. 


Resident Retention
Leasing your property is just the start of our job. The occupancy process is ongoing. Regular contact insures that tenants are happy, thus reducing expensive turnover costs. Monitoring and enforcing all rules and regulations reduces complaints and raises satisfaction levels. 


Maintenance & Repairs
Our full time maintenance staff is available for diagnosis and repair of most maintenance issues 24 hours a day. Interior and exterior refurbishing needs are carefully evaluated and bid out for the best possible price. Budgeted capital improvements can be supervised by our team to ensure quality and workmanship are never compromised.


Scope of Services

Understanding and implementing your investment goals and objectives is our main duty as your property manager. In order to fulfill this duty Commercial Northwest provides ongoing analysis of the region, the market, and the property. We facilitate the budgeting process in cooperation with you and the on-site management team. As part of the budgeting and financial analysis we also create a strategic marketing plan specifically for your property. This plan will include recommendations for marketing materials which may include but are not limited to: print ads, company website, Craigslist, and industry websites. Promotional items such as t-shirts, pens, magnets, and frisbees may also be utilized to increase name recognition and branding. Commercial Northwest will be responsible for hiring, training and supervising all on-site staff to make sure that they are qualified and thoroughly educated in the areas of marketing, leasing, supervision of maintenance personnel and vendors, collection of rents and resident retention. Our off-site team will provide up to the moment details about the property's financial performance, budget comparisons, capital improvements, occupancy, debt service, insurance, and can offer real time information through your Propertyware Owner Portal from any Internet connected computer in the world so you will always be able to examine detailed financials and reports from the comfort of your home or office.

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